The work performed in an industrial building requires proper exhaust solutions, and they can differ greatly from one building to another. Each building needs to design and install a system applicable to its industry that ensures worker safety. Let us help you better understand industrial exhaust systems and industrial exhaust silencers, so you can select the right one.

Types of Industrial Ventilation

Each industrial ventilation system is based on the needs of the building, but most systems are based on two common designs types: dilution ventilation and local exhaust ventilation systems.

Dilution ventilation supplies and exhausts air to and from the workspace with the use of large exhaust fans. Some fans are positioned in or near the ceiling to help remove the hot air, which regulates the space’s temperature in addition to removing particulates. Dilution exhaust systems can reduce contaminates and particles in the air, if designed correctly, by ventilating the entire workspace. A draw back to dilution systems is these systems can potentially spread particulates across the entire workspace while ventilating.

Local exhaust systems, in contrast, control the contaminate and particulate levels in a workspace by trapping the contaminates as close to the source as possible. Trapping the air, as opposed to diluting the air, is the major difference between the two systems. Local exhaust systems are more efficient at capturing contaminated air, but they require more upkeep and testing to ensure quality service.

Local exhaust systems are better for workspaces where the staff works closely with hazardous chemicals; this is because the system is designed to remove and trap contaminates. Dilution systems tend to work better for areas with less potential for contamination from working with chemicals. Both systems provide positives and negatives, so know what your ventilation need are to keep your workers safe.

Types of Sound Insulation

Air ventilation is a vital aspect of industrial workspaces, but the ventilation system should not cause distraction or harm due to the noise created by the system. A properly installed ventilation system must include a proper industrial exhaust silencer, or another measure, to insulate the noise levels. Noise insulation comes in several forms and all need to be installed by certified professionals. Systems you can install include:

  • exhaust fans silencers
  • noise blankets
  • vent silencers
  • industrial mufflers
  • stack silencers
  • compressor silencers
  • blower silencers

Understanding the need for proper ventilation is the just the beginning. Finding a team of professionals to design, manufacture, and install your system is the next step. Find a reliable provider who can do new installs, additions, and even upgrades to current systems.