Depending on the available space and the machinery used, industrial facilities require a number of fans and blowers. These fans are essential in certain industries for directing the airflow in a specific location, but the pressure pulses they cause—in conjunction with other sounds created by machinery—can harm workers’ hearing. As such, it’s important to install silencers to the required devices.

About Inlets

Inlets are important for controlling airflow in a location. Correctly designed inlets are meant to filter out stale air and distribute fresh air into the space. Essentially, they determine the distribution and movement of air.

When installing inlets, you must carefully consider factors such as sizing and placement. You should also consider the pressure pulse created when two impellers make contact with each other. As the impellers pass the inlet, they create a pocket of air that, in turn, creates noise and vibration. As such, OSHA may require that these inlets receive acoustical treatment.

Installing a Silencer

For best results, you must carefully install an inlet silencer. As we mentioned above, the styling and size of an inlet is determined by the space through which it filters air. As such, the silencers’ design must match the inlets they’ll be regulating. Once you’ve obtained the correct silencer, you should install it onto the intake side of the inlet—if you do this correctly, the silencer will effectively quiet the machine.

A Company That Cares

Anyone working in an industrial facility understands the importance of details. When outsourcing the project, you’ll need to work with a company that understands your individual needs and provides for them accordingly. At SVI Industrial, our goal is to deliver the best possible results. Our industrial acoustic and silencer services are the solution you require to optimize your workplace. To learn more, feel free to contact us today.