Proper control over acoustics is essential for several industries. Areas such as chemical plants often hold a variety of machines—such as fans and vessels—that require soundproofing. Effective silencers require a form of specialized expertise that isn’t easy to come across. There are a variety of requirements silencers must meet, all of which depend on the device that they’re built for.

About Safety Valves

Safety valves are used to protect both the environment and workers. The consequences caused by vessels that malfunction can be life-threatening, so appropriate protection must be in place. Safety valves are installed onto pressure vessels to regulate fluids in cases where the pressure exceeds safe levels. When this occurs, the valve opens and releases the fluids that are inside of the vessel until they are restored to the proper levels. Once this is complete, the valve will close again.

The Need for Safety Valve Silencers

It isn’t uncommon for safety valves to release a noise level that can reach as high as 160 dBA. In comparison, levels that are considered safe for human ears tend to sit around 70 dBA or lower. Anything significantly higher can cause permanent hearing damage.

This danger is prevented when a silencer is used in conjunction with the valve. This silencer is generally comprised of three components; these include a diffuser, an expression chamber, and an absorption chamber. In order to receive the correct silencer for your part, you’ll need to provide the following information about your vessel:

  • Noise conditions
  • Pressure conditions
  • Flow conditions
  • Silencer connection
  • Size

We Can Help

At SVI Industrial, we strive to provide our clients with products that are perfectly tailored to fit their devices. With high-quality products such as steam vent silencers, you can improve the safety of your workplace. Increased sound waves are a common threat to many industrial locations, but the right professionals can circumvent these circumstances. If you’d like to learn more about the industrial acoustic solutions we provide, contact SVI Industrial today.