A gas turbine exhaust system is an integral component of a gas turbine system. These exhausts create rotational movements that convert gases and liquid fuels into mechanical energy. While these systems are extremely important, they do not come without fault. If not properly protected, they can release an unrestrained volume of noise that can harm an individual’s hearing. Therefore, these systems must receive protection.

Identifying the Source

To control the volume of these systems, a professional must accurately install a silencer—a poorly designed silencer still allows potentially dangerous noise levels. If this is the case, you’ll want to better outfit your gas turbine exhaust system with a silencer that will perform its job as intended.

To properly complete this task, you’ll need to first locate the source of the noise. If you place the silencer incorrectly, you won’t achieve your intended results. There are different paths that the noise may travel through, which may include the turbine itself or the exhaust circuit. You should examine a few different aspects of the system, which may include the following:

  • Turbulence
  • Airflow direction
  • Acoustic resonance
  • Vibration resonance

The Proper Measurements

Manufacturers cannot craft the perfect silencer unless one has the correct measurements for the system. If you don’t carefully consider the space and dimensions, it’s unlikely your new silencer will improve the previous faults of the last one. The right company will need to collect accurate measurements to design a silencer that’s unique to your system. They may evaluate each of the measurements according to individual parts of the system. Required measurements will, at the least, require the following:

  • Height
  • Width
  • Length

Professionals That Care

Workplace safety is extremely important in any environment, and a plant is no exception. To ensure this, you must properly contain any noise levels. The professionals at Southeast Valve have spent years perfecting the methods required to create these systems—we tailor our offerings to meet your individual needs. As experts in silencers and acoustic lagging systems, we are sure to provide the solution you need. To learn more, we encourage you to contact us today.