Anyone that works at a manufacturing facility is at risk of injury as a result of high noise levels. Prolonged exposure can cause irritability, anxiety, headaches, and permanent hearing loss. As such, there are various preventative measures that employers should put in place.

To efficiently protect the workplace, one must be aware of the specifics regarding what they’re dealing with. While one of these is understanding the equipment that may include a silencer or muffler, another task is to measure the sound levels that this machinery emits. There are a few different ways to measure these levels, which we list below.

A Sound Level Machine

A sound level meter (also called a sound pressure level) is a handheld device equipped with a microphone. This machine takes changes made in air pressure and, using an electric circuit, converts it into signals. The results appear on a screen of the device almost instantly, which users can then download onto a computer.

There are two types of noise meters; type 1 and type 2. Though the first type is the more expensive option, it’s the ideal choice for getting accurate readings in the workplace.

A Noise Dosimeter

This device is similar to the sound level machine, but it tends to be smaller in size. It usually has a clip and therefore workers can attach it to their shirt or belt. You can wear this device throughout the day and it will measure sound levels in different areas of the workplace. The data collected throughout the workday can work out an average noise level.

Cell Phone Apps

It’s only natural in today’s environment that one should have the ability to download an app and measure the noise that way. Though these apps are useful for determining dangerous noise levels, they are not the recommended option for use in a workplace environment.

I Measured the Volume Level. What Next?

Once you know the noise levels in your workplace, as well as what you should decrease them to, it’s time to take the proper preventative measures. The most effective way to do this would be to install a silencer to the offending devices. Southeast Valve specializes in using methods such as gas path inspection turbines to locate problems. If you’d like to learn more about our services, feel free to contact Southeast Valve Today.