When water reaches a temperature past 212˚F, it begins to release steam. In an industrial environment, professionals will install a vent into the appropriate machinery to control how this steam distributes. When this process takes place, a few things will happen that create high noise levels. A couple of these include the following:

  • As the temperature begins to climb, gas flows will become lighter, causing higher noise levels.
  • A high mass flow will cause the noise to increase.
  • Any openings in valves can create a change in noise levels, oftentimes making them higher.
  • If the upstream pressure is significantly louder than the downstream pressure, substantially higher volumes may occur.

Enter Silencers

Modern industrial environments have seen an increase in safety regulations to prevent workers from attaining injuries due to different workplace dangers. Noise is one area in which employers are putting strict rules into place. When steam vents make so much noise, workers can retain injuries to their hearing, or sustain falls and other accidents as a result of distraction.

This is where steam vent silencers come into play. Upon their introduction, these silencers can reduce noise to a level that’s safe for human ears. Various factors will determine the application of your silencer, including the allowable pressure drop and how much attenuation the device requires. There are three different applications commonly used: vent, blowdown, and relief.

How to Outfit Your Steam Vent

When you wish to install a silencer, you’ll want to contact a company that can effectively evaluate your needs to come up with the best solution. The application required is dependent on the individual machine. You need one that will bring down the noise levels while also ensuring that the vent continues to perform as it should.

At SVI Industrial, we have the expertise and equipment required to complete your project according to your needs. If you’d like to learn more about how we can service your steam vents, we encourage you to contact us today.