Maintaining optimal noise levels in an industrial environment is essential. Worker safety should adhere to OSHA standards. This might require soundproofing your industrial space. With that in mind, it is important to know the most effective ways to soundproof your industrial equipment to maintain a safe work environment.

Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass loaded vinyl is one of the most common materials for soundproofing. It is a heavy, limp vinyl with metal particles to add mass in between building materials. Usually, this is between two layers of drywall or in the ceiling. Professionals wrap it around equipment for noise protection.

Soundproofing Curtains

This is the easiest and most cost-effective strategy. Simply hang curtains on walls or windows in offices to hinder outside noise. Sound-proof curtains come in different thicknesses and colors. They are easy-to-use, large, and maintain style while blocking most outside nose.


Acoustic foam is another useful material. It eliminates acoustic feedback while reducing reverberation—the resonance of a sound. Many factories, warehouses, or offices choose to install acoustic foam and panels where open work areas connect to protect workers against resonating loud noise. Companies will opt for closed-cell foam, which acts as an efficient sound blocker, or open-cell foam, which acts as an absorber. Dense foam materials can physically block sound from entering or leaving a room as they reflect sound and enclose it in a space.

Natural Cotton Fiber

Natural cotton fiber is an eco-friendly sound blocking material that is easy to work with. Professionals working in industrial spaces will place it in the walls and ceilings to thermalize sound in a room. Cotton has similar noise absorbing qualities as mineral wool or fiberglass, so this natural material is just as effective as conventional absorbers. Just be cautious of placing cotton fibers near hot surfaces as this can damage it and even cause it to catch on fire. However, you can still use fire durable materials over cotton fibers for added protection.

Any industrial setting should have the proper soundproofing equipment installed. That’s why our experts at SVI Dynamics design high-quality acoustic pipe lagging systems to accommodate different applications and equipment to reduce noise. Acoustic lagging systems are just one of the services we offer, along with acoustical support, fan casings, and engineered solutions for your noise issues.