Noise pollution is a common concern in many industrial environments, and they can prove to be harmful to any workers exposed to these sounds. As such, there are a variety of options for mitigating sound and creating a safer environment for employees. The method a business owner will choose for protecting the workplace depends on a variety of factors, all of which they should thoroughly evaluate. One common method is acoustical absorption panels, which we give a brief overview of below.

Acoustic Attenuation

The method of noise control one will use depends on their individual situation, so they should first understand under what situations someone should use acoustic panels. In certain environments—be them offices, auditoriums, or industrial buildings—sound can become trapped in a room. When this happens, sound waves bounce from wall to wall, amplifying the noise levels. In certain situations, these sounds can prove dangerous for workers. The only way to control these levels is to absorb them and prevent them from traveling any further.

Enter Acoustic Panels

Whereas noise levels emitted by the equipment may oftentimes require you to attach a silencer to the machine itself, this won’t always be the case. When a professional evaluates the workplace, they may determine that acoustic panels are the most efficient method of attenuation.

There are a few different applications for panels, which may include ones that either suspend from the ceiling or mount onto the wall. When an individual installs these, they will prevent these sounds from freely ricocheting about the room by absorbing the noise and holding it in place. The panels may serve either to reduce these noise levels or eliminate them completely. The panels can consist of many different materials, though it’s not as likely for companies to use softer ones in an industrial environment.

Professional Inspections

When you determine that an environment needs acoustic attenuation via the means of acoustic paneling, you’ll want to get in touch with an experienced professional. You should have them conduct a thorough inspection of your work environment. When doing such, they’ll evaluate your needs and present you with an ideal industrial acoustic noise enclosure solution. At SVI Industrial, we provide businesses with acoustic paneling that’s customized to appropriately outfit their environment. To learn more about the services we have to offer, feel free to reach out to us today.