In recent decades, industrial silencer usage spiked for several reasons, the foundational reason being its ability to mitigate noise. To learn more about why gas turbine silencers are necessary, read our guide on the topic.

Silencers Limit Emitted Noise

The core function of a gas turbine, power creation, gains its force from internal combustion. This combustion creates significant amounts of exhaust, and it must go somewhere, and at a high rate of speed at that. This emitted noise is very dangerous to workers and nearby civilians who will hear far-field tones. Gas turbine exhaust silencers deaden noise as it passes through intentionally complex passageways or absorbs the noise as exhaust releases from the facility.

Installing Them Keeps Your Facility Compact

One consequence of this noise silencing is your capacity to keep their operation compact. Whereas airports deal with jet engine noise by using hundreds of acres to distance planes from people, industrial silencers contain and diminish exhaust noise without requiring the space that an airport needs to function. Instead, noise abatement takes place in a small amount of space at the point of gas emission.

They Help Meet Industry Regulations

Another reason gas turbine silencers are necessary is they help facilities meet federal noise level regulations. NIOSH established the maximum weighted decibel range at 85 dBA for an eight-hour workday. This stipulates that for each 5 dB increase from 85, a worker’s time until reaching max “noise capacity” halves. Even at around 85 decibels, though, long-term noise exposure leads to health problems such as hearing loss and cardiac stress. This heightens the importance of installing silencers that fit your purposes and effectively protect your workers.

SVI Dynamics

Our team at SVI Dynamics specializes in gas turbine silencer technologies. We offer the analysis necessary to diagnose how your facility creates noise and broad-sweeping noise control solutions to mitigate it. If you need help determining how to address your facility’s noise, contact us with any specific questions. Our trusted team will advise you according to their years of industry experience.