Noise travels in waves through the air, vibrating air particles along the way. If there isn’t a barrier to prevent it, noises sometimes travel over considerable distances until they reach someone who can detect the noise. The trouble is, if unprotected, workers in factories experience intense, high-decibel tones that emit from working machinery. This noise can harm workers in more ways than simply interfering with their hearing. To mitigate this, factories install acoustic enclosures. To learn more, read about the importance of using acoustic enclosures in factories.

What Are Acoustic Enclosures?

First, you must understand what acoustic enclosures are so you can distinguish them from other noise mitigation implements. Whereas acoustic barriers are large structures that cut noise’s direct path from a factory to nearby residential or commercial venues, acoustic enclosures address noise at a closer distance. Enclosures cover the majority or entirety of an individual factory machine so that, when the machine is running, noise travels to the nearby walls and stops rather than proceeding into the entire facility. Often these enclosures consist of metal, but you can construct them from other materials as well.

How Acoustic Enclosures Help

The essential benefit of using acoustic enclosures in factories is their capability of trapping noise, representing a barrier that doesn’t allow noise to travel through the air and affect nearby workers, dropping some machines’ emissions about 30 decibels. Because all factories and the machines they use are different, engineers can design these enclosures to precisely limit noise emission from specific machines. This ensures your enclosure catches and dampens noise as it should. In general, enclosures are compact means of noise mitigation compared to larger, more expensive methods.

SVI Dynamics

SVI Dynamics offers complete turnkey industrial acoustic panel and enclosure engineering. Our enclosures are corrosion-resistant, have doors and other accessibility features, and are easy to install and take down if you need to. Most importantly, our skilled team has years of engineering experience aimed at cutting down on noise emission. If you have questions for us, don’t hesitate to call and talk with a knowledgeable team member about your factory.