The coronavirus pandemic seized up countless industries, yet some, including power plants and other industrial firms, remain open. The government deems them “essential,” which means they are exempt from state shelter-in-place orders that shutter nonessential businesses because the public needs their product or service. To learn what measures you can take and how SVI Industrial can help you keep your facility running even amid unforeseen circumstances, here’s what supporting essential industrial plants looks like.

What Essential Industrial Plants Should Know

First, there are a few things plants should know about this strange time. While employees must work to keep things running, plants may need to limit the number of people working to cut down on person-to-person contact. Further measures include screening workers for an elevated temperature upon arriving, off-setting workers’ hours so the number overlapping decreases, and putting physical distancing policies in place. These include washing hands regularly, wearing gloves and masks, staying six feet apart, and more. If necessary, areas with elevated rates of coronavirus cases should consider sequestering their workers at the building to protect the facility from an outbreak. While extreme, this measure prevents outside contact that could lead to a worker infection and subsequent spread.

Critical System Repairs

As you hold off on intensive, preventative outage repairs, here’s how SVI Industrial can help bridge the gap and tackle critical repairs you can’t ignore. We offer emergency valve repair should you experience a failure as well as pressure welding to address an issue with your pipe or boiler systems. Otherwise, we can handle a sudden tank leak or service an issue somewhere in your gas path, ranging from repairing an exhaust gas silencer or liner to resolving structural stack issues. Let us know if you experience these or other pressing issues—our absolute top priority is making sure your facility keeps doing its essential work.

Emergency Help at Any Time

To keep this commitment and address your concerns as quickly as possible, we offer our staff’s expertise and services around the clock, 24/7. If you need to talk to or request the services of an engineer, valve technician, welder, fabricator, masons, or machinist, call at any time. A malfunction at your plant demands instant attention from experts equipped to solve the issue quickly and effectively.

If you have any other questions about how SVI Industrial can support essential industrial plants during this time, please contact us.