Oil and gas acquisition, refinement, and distribution require the work of several complicated machine networks, some of which produce significant harmful noise. Not only do high decibel levels impact nearby neighbors, but prolonged exposure hurts workers who operate close to the noise sources. This exposure leads to unnecessary long-term health effects that degrade workers’ quality of life. While restricting your hours of operation for noisy blowdowns makes life easier for neighbors, you need further measures to protect your workers. To discover other ways to reduce noise in the oil and gas industry, read this brief guide to three.

Erect Noise Barriers and Enclosures

First, natural gas plants often have one persistent source of harmful noise: compressors. After collecting gas, these features emit significant noise before injecting compressed natural gas into a pipe system. Noise barriers and enclosures are two useful implements for limiting this noise. True to their name, noise barriers disrupt the path of sound waves, absorbing them and thereby attenuating noise.

Alternatively, enclosures, also true to their name, encapsulate compressor systems. These allow for more complete attenuation, although maintaining these enclosures requires careful maintenance and ventilation.

Install Silencers

Meanwhile, noise also emits throughout oil and gas processing. To address gas as it leaves a pipe system, oil and gas administrators install silencers. These silencers break up high-temperature and high-velocity gas before it leaves in order to gradually lessen its pressure upon exiting. In doing so, emitted gas creates less noise.

Maintain Systems

Another way to reduce noise in the oil and gas industry is to implement new noise-mitigating parts and policies as they develop. For one, changing compressor fans adjusts the emitted sound waves so they aren’t as loud. As a general rule, neglecting this and other maintenance measures leads to system complications and more emitted noise.

If you need to address the noise your oil or gas facility creates, contact SVI Dynamics. We offer industrial acoustic panels and enclosures as well as silencers, and we’ll work with you to determine how to implement them in the best way possible.