Industrial noise is unavoidable to some extent, but it can reach a threshold that harms workers’ health and decreases the quality of their workplace. There are several points along the gas path that contribute noise in an industrial environment. From when a facility takes in gas (inlet air) to when it releases it (exhaust gas), various silencing implements can target these areas and limit the total decibel level from emissions. To discover some of the applications of industrial silencers, read on.

Address Inlet Gas Noise

First, as facilities take in atmospheric air from outside inlet, they can install inlet silencers to address noise produced during this process. Inlet silencers target fan noise as it takes in this atmospheric air for use in various industrial processes. These industrial fan silencers have flexible design options to fit any facility and stand up to years of wear and tear.

Mitigate Exhaust Gas Noise

Another application of industrial silencers, at the terminal end of facilities’ gas paths, is exhaust gas noise mitigation. Exhaust gas emits at a higher temperature than atmospheric inlet air. Higher temperatures mean exhaust gas density is low, and low emission density means exhaust noise can be very high and disruptive. To smooth the transition from the facility to the atmosphere, exhaust silencers attenuate exhaust gas noise through absorptive silencing.

Silence Relief Valve Blow-Off

Apart from the inlet and exhaust points, relief valves also require silencing. Relief valves are implements that, if pressure builds excessively in a facility, can release internal gases into the atmosphere to attain an internal equilibrium. These releases are intermittent and can be quite sudden and forceful. To limit the noise created, similar to exhaust gas noise, when blow-offs occur, facilities include silencers on these release valves.

For those with either inlet or exhaust silencing needs, contact us at SVI Dynamics to explore possible solutions to excess noise. Our dedicated staff has years of experience, allowing us to give you reliable and actionable silencing solutions.