Equipment in industrial facilities must be kept in good repair and proper operational order. When there are equipment failures, it not only causes unscheduled downtime, which can be costly to the facility, but it can also result in safety problems for employees. This is especially concerning when it comes to the large chemical vessels that are used at facilities where paper and steel is manufactured. If the corrosion-resistant lining in the tanks is damaged and hazardous chemicals leak, it can be catastrophic for the facility and workers alike.

Why Are Regular Lining Inspections Important?

The lining systems in Industrial Facilities have to be in good working order because the raw material that is used in paper manufacturing has to go through chemical processing. These are highly corrosive chemicals that pose a hazard to the environment, other equipment, and workers in the event of a leak. If this happens, you may be looking at a complete shutdown, damage to machinery that is contaminated, and you may even run the risk of employee injuries – all consequences that can be costly to the company.

Having regular recurrent industrial inspections will help ensure the safety of your employees and that your paper production doesn’t come to a sudden stop due to the failure of your lining system.

Signs That You Need Lining System Maintenance or Repair

Facilities should have a thorough inspection of their lining systems performed once a year (or 18 months, at the most). Scheduled inspections identify weaknesses before failures happen, allowing you to be proactive with equipment repairs or replacements. This can be a huge money and time saver, preventing a shutdown of the facility or further, more expensive damage to equipment.

Of course, you can’t always predict when a problem will arise. You may have unexpected issues between inspections that need to be addressed. When you notice an issue, the faster you act, the more likely you’ll be to avoid major consequences. There are some telltale signs that you need an industrial engineering provider to identify and repair the problem. If you notice that there is material (like brick or tile chips) in the paper or loose material in the processing, it’s time to make a call.

Additionally, it’s important to maintain the recommendations for repair or maintenance listed on your last inspection report. Actions that are suggested to be done in six months or a year to prevent damage or shutdowns can come around faster than you think. Don’t put them off longer than your inspection recommends. 

Use SVI Industrial for Your Lining System Inspections

At SVI Industrial, we offer inspection services that are designed to meet the needs of your specific facility. We understand that your time, productivity, and budget are important, and we strive to ensure that you experience as little downtime as possible.

Our experts will conduct a comprehensive inspection, both physical and visual, of your facilities lining system. We offer walk in, climb, and UAV (drone) inspections. Our advanced UAV equipment performs both video and imagery, which allows for more accurate assessments of your equipment. Upon completion of the inspection, we prepare an extensive written report, that includes color photo documentation detailing the current conditions of your lining system, as well as our recommendations for future maintenance and repairs. The report identifies any areas that need attention, allowing you to prioritize work that needs to be completed and to reduce unexpected downtime for maintenance in the future.

Additionally, SVI Industrial can design and install new lining and containment systems, should your facility need that. We can design a cost-effective solution that is within your timeframe and budget. Corrosive material containment requires expert knowledge of combining specialized materials and state-of-the-art installation techniques to meet your specific needs, ranging from abrasion to chemical and thermal resistance.  Whether you need vessel or containment modifications, maintenance, installations, or inspections, we have the experience and capability to engineer and design a customized solution to protect and ensure the lifespan of your facilities equipment, while saving you time and money.

Let SVI Industrial help keep your facility up and running efficiently and cost-effectively. We have a variety of innovative solutions and industrial lining options that can be customized to meet your facility’s needs.