A U-Drain inspection at a company in Oglethorpe, GA, found some walls and floors had recessed and needed repairs to properly seal the concrete.

What Did the U-Drain Repair Inspection Find?

The U-Drain inspection found the floor and wall conditions were generally hard and well bonded with the concrete, but there were a few exceptions.

On the wall, the inspector found the lining condition of the concrete throughout the bottom was 16” recessed approximately 4” to 6”, on both sides. There were also several areas that were recessed 1” to 2” throughout the upper walls.

The entire floor is recessed up to 3”. There is heavy exposed concrete aggregate. There is an area below the sulfuric acid discharge that is recessed 8” in depth.

What Were the U-Drain Repair Solutions Offered?

After the inspection, to fix the recessed areas, the following repairs were made:

  1. Installed hard barricades and removed grating.
  2. Built a temporary bulkhead to transfer flow utilizing multiple pumps.
  3. Removed all soft and loose concrete.
  4. Water blasted the concrete.
  5. Installed formwork and filled in all areas with fast setting structural concrete.
  6. Applied a concrete primer.
  7. Applied two coats of Flake Filled Vinyl Ester trowel on coating.
  8. Applied a coat of seal coat on top of the coating.

The inspectors recommended scheduling a re-inspection of this vessel during the 2021 outage.

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