An inspector performed a visual and physical assessment at a plant in Riegelwood, NC, and discovered missing tile, hollow-sounding, and dis-bonded tiles, as well as some cracks in concrete along the exterior wall.

What Did the Interior Lining Installation Inspection Find?

During SVI’s internal inspection of the vessel, the wall tile, which measures 9 inches x 12 inches, was hard and well bonded, but there were some exceptions. There were eight courses of hollow-sounding and dis-bonded tile on the east wall, with approximately eight missing tiles.

The north wall was approximately 80% hollow-sounding and disbonded and has been previously pinned. There were around five hollow-sounding and dis-bonded tiles on the south wall. The tile glaze was in good condition. The vinyl ester joints were hard and recessed 1/2″ to 5/8”.

The exterior inspection found that the concrete’s lining condition was good overall, but there were miscellaneous cracks throughout the outer wall.

What Were the Interior Lining Installation Solutions Offered?

After the inspection, SVI offered the following interior lining repairs:

  1. Installed scaffold and removed and replaced approximately 300 hollow-sounding and dis-bonded tiles on the north and south interior walls.
  2. Installed ten pins throughout the hollow-sounding floor tile.
  3. Replaced the missing floor tile.

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