SVI Industrial performed an interior ling installation for a paper mill in Eastover, SC, and completed extensive repairs of the bricks in the wall, recessed joints, and relined the side walls.

What Did the Interior Lining Installation Inspection Find?

SVI Industrial’s team performed a visual and physical inspection of the vessel’s interior and exterior from the floor and a spider climber. The wall’s lining and glaze of the brick wall were both in good condition.

The inspectors found the vinyl ester joints throughout were hard and full up, varying up to 2-¼” recessed.

While inspecting the cone, the acid brick appeared dis-bonded and hollow sounding. The inspector found three-spalled bricks. The inspectors discovered the bricks’ glaze in good conditions.

The vinyl ester joints were soft and recessed 1to 2-¼” deep throughout the entire cone.

During the crossover inspector, the acid brick lining appeared hard and well-bonded. However, the upper half, closer to the cupola, had excessive rust, and the eyebrow of the cupola had loose bricks.

The surface of the brick was in good condition. The vinyl ester joints were recessed and becoming soft but were not soft enough for the inspector to perform a washout. The inspector discovered the vinyl ester mortar and membrane exceeded their life expectancy and needed to be relined.

Overall, SVI Industrial observed the concrete foundation in good condition.

What Interior Lining Installation Solutions Were Offered?

After the inspection, SVI Industrial performed extensive repairs. Our team removed and placed bricks through course 56 to 73. We demoed the brick and sandblasted the area until there was a near-white finish. Trico performed welding, and then primer was applied to the steel with Blome 205. TL-220 sprayable was used on various portions.

Our team spark tested for pinholes in the membrane and then applied two coats of Membrane 72X.

Next, we laid type III brick solid with Stals Chemster Mortar vinyl ester mortar. Then, pointed all of the joints throughout courses 74 to 115 with Atlas Chemster Mortar vinyl ester mortar, as well as pointed all of the knuckles going over the crossover. We also pointed the bottom cone with Atlas Chemester Mortar.

We then moved on to perform spot pointing on all joints that were recessed ½” or more in the crossover. We replaced two bricks that came off the wall while blowing out the joints in the crossover.

Overall, we replaced or re-laid about 20 bricks.

For the future, SVI recommended continuing to reline the sidewalls, remove and replace bricks in the bottom of the cone during the 2021 outage.

Does the interior lining of your vessel need repairs like this? Contact SVI Industrial today, and we will come to your plant, perform a custom inspection and offer you repairs to ensure the structural integrity of your plant.