SVI Industrial performed an inspection at a paper mill in Kentucky and found the white water storage chest mostly in good condition, but the inspector found multiple hollow-sounding tiles

What Did the White Water Storage Chest Inspection Find?

During the visit to the paper mill, SVI performed a visual and physical inspection of the vessel’s interior and exterior from the floor. The internal assessment found the wall’s lining, glaze, and vinyl ester joints were all in good condition.

The inspector found the floor’s lining in good condition, except for 65 hollow-sounding tiles in the floor’s center, located about 8’ from the vessel’s west side. The floor’s glaze was in good condition, and the vinyl ester joints were hard and full.

The concrete ceiling was in good condition.

The lining tile was hard and well bonded during the exterior inspection, but the inspector found six hollow-sounding tiles around the insert on the third and fourth courses on the vessel’s south side.

The inspector found the foundation and concrete cover in good condition.

What White Water Storage Chest Repair Solutions Were Offered?

SVI installed a new, quick open manway on the side of the chest. Moving forward, they recommended monitoring the hollow-sound floor tiles and installing pins and plates if the hollow-sounding tile area spreads. SVI recommended scheduling a re-inspection of the vessel during the 2023 outage. 

Does your white water storage chest need repairs similar to this? Contact SVI Industrial today, and we can schedule an on-site inspection to provide you with custom repairs and recommendations.