SVI Industrial performed an inspection and repair of chest equipment for a paper mill in SC. SVI repaired the hollow-sounding and cracked tiles and installed new tile as needed.

What Did the Chest Repair Inspection Find?

SVI Industrial’s team performed a visual and physical inspection of the vessel’s interior from the floor.

The wall’s lining and tile were hard and well bonded, except for above the agitator; on the seventh course, there were eight hollow-sounding tiles and one cracked tile.

The inspector found the tile’s glaze in worn condition. He found the joints in good condition. The vinyl ester and portland cement joints were hard and full.

The floor tile inspection found them hard and well bonded, with a few exceptions. The inspector found approximately 35 floor tiles and 21 sump tiles that were hollow-sounding and dis-bonded, above the sump and below the agitator.

The inspector found the tile glaze in worn condition, but the vinyl ester and portland cement joints were hard and full.

During the exterior inspection, the inspector found the tile lining was hard and well bonded, the tile glaze is in good condition, and the portland cement joints are hard and full.

The concrete foundation appeared in good condition, as well.

What Chest Repair Solutions Were Offered?

After the inspection, SVI offered to perform repairs to remove the 21 sump tiles and 35 floor tiles below the agitator. SVI installed new ceramic vat tile in portland cement and pointed the joints full with vinyl ester mortar.

SVI recommended that the paper mill install scaffolding to remove and replace the hollow-sounding and cracked wall tiles and schedule another inspection during the next outage.

When was the last time a professional inspected your chest equipment? Contact SVI Industrial today, and we will come to your plant, perform a custom inspection, and offer you repairs to ensure your plant’s structural integrity.