SVI completed an inspection of a power plant in Kentucky and repaired an extensive amount of bricks and installed new Hastelloy steel plates.

What Did the Absorber Inspection Find?

The SVI team performed an inspection of the absorber’s interior and exterior from the floor and scaffolding.

The inspector found the block was hard and well bonded on the wall. However, there were 30 damaged bricks on the south wall. The mastic joints were hard and full.

The acid bricks on the floor were hard and well bonded, but two areas on the floor were laid over a hump in steel, causing the brick to appear buckled and loose. The brick was solid and intact. The vinyl ester joints are hard and full.

The block on the ceiling appeared in good condition based on a visual inspection. The mastic joints seemed to be hard and full based on a visual review.

What Absorber Repair Solutions Were Offered?

The 30 damaged blocks that the inspector found on the south wall were removed and replaced.

SVI’s team removed approximately 60 acid bricks on the north and south walls and then installed new Hastelloy plates on the north and south walls using pennguard mortar and anchored them with Hastelloy threaded rods and Hilti 200 epoxy.

SVI installed new acid bricks inside of the brick stop.

SVI recommended the power plant schedule a re-inspection of this vessel during the 2021 outage.

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