SVI completed an inspection of a pine leveling chest at a paper mill in North Carolina and found hollow-sounding tiles, some poor glaze conditions, and needed to install a new concrete cover.

What Did the Chest Inspection Find?

The SVI team performed a visual and physical inspection of the vessel’s interior and exterior from the floor. The inspector found the interior wall’s tile lining condition was hard and well bonded with five cracked tiles on the east wall. The wall’s glaze condition was worn. The wall’s portland cement joints are hard and full to 1/8” recessed.

The floor tile’s lining was hard and well-bonded. The tile glaze was in good condition, and the portland cement joints were hard and full.

The inspector found the ceiling tiles were hard and well bonded. The tile glaze was in good condition, and the vinyl ester joints are hard and full.

Next, SVI performed an exterior inspection, and the wall tile’s lining conditions mainly were hard and well bonded. Still, they discovered seven hollow-sounding tiles on the agitator boss, one missing tile at the bottom of the agitator boss, and five hollow-sounding tiles on the south side. There are miscellaneous cracks on the south side of the wall. The inspector found 17 hollow-sounding and dis-bonded tiles and several cracked tiles starting on the north side towards the east side.

The tile glaze on the exterior wall was in worn condition, and the portland cement joints were hard and full.

The concrete foundation is in good condition.

What Chest Repair Solutions Were Offered?

After the inspection, SVI recommended repairs to the paper mill.

SVI installed a new tile ceiling during this outage. SVI’s team installed a new concrete cover during the outage.

Next, SVI installed tiles in vinyl ester on the interior ceiling and new rebar. The team pointed the joints full with vinyl ester mortar. SVI’s team poured fast-setting Five Star structural concrete. Then, SVI cut the pipes’ ends, welded the new pipe, and re-routed 1” pipe back through the manway hatch cover.

Next, SVI re-installed existing handrails and repaired the damaged parts of the handrail. SVI performed spot pointing on the interior where the joints were recessed ½” and greater in-depth.

Finally, SVI removed and replaced 17 hollow-sounding dis-bonded tiles on the exterior.

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