SVI completed an inspection of a paper plant’s pine leveling chest in North Carolina and found the wall lining and the ceiling lining in worn condition and needing repairs.

What Did the Interior Lining and Ceiling Inspection Find?

The SVI inspector surveyed the pine leveling chest visually and physically from the floor. The inspector found the wall tiles were hard and well-bonded, but some tiles had spider cracks. The glaze of the wall’s lining was in worn condition. The portland cement joints were hard and full, but recessed 3/8” to 1/2″ throughout two courses on the east wall.

The inspector found the floor lining tiles hard and well bonded. However, SVI found 15 hollow-sounding tiles on the east side of the floor.  The tile glaze was in good condition, and the portland cement joints were hard.

During the inspector, SVI observed the concrete ceiling to be worn and eaten up by acid. SVI saw a rebar showing through on the north side.

The pine leveling chest’s concrete cover appeared to be in good condition except for a few miscellaneous cracks.

What Interior Lining and Ceiling Repair Solutions Were Offered?

After the inspection, the SVI team plastered the ceiling and applied coating.

SVI recommended that the plant monitor the 15 hollow-sounding tiles on the east side of the floor, as well as the recessed joints on the east wall.  SVI suggested performing pointing throughout the joints that were recessed 1/2″ and greater. 

The paper plant should also schedule a re-inspection of this vessel during the next outage.

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