In industrial chemical plants, daily wear and tear on equipment is unavoidable. When there is malfunctioning or inefficient equipment, exposure to harsh substances, high temperatures, and extreme pressures combined with the size of the plant and the types of chemicals used can create hazards and slow down production. Unfortunately, in some cases, it may lead to a total plant shutdown, and the consequences that can arise from emergency outages are often very costly and sometimes dangerous for workers. Additionally, the chemical industry is highly regulated and requires strict adherence to expected standards during maintenance and servicing.

At SVI Industrial, we understand your chemical plant needs and follow safety protocols when inspecting, maintaining, or repairing equipment to get you back in operation at full capacity as quickly as possible. We are dedicated to helping industrial plants maintain efficiency and reduce operating costs. We are a leading turnkey service provider for chemical plants, offering valve repair and maintenance, machining, and welding and fabrication solutions to our industrial clients. Unlike many other providers, we can provide these services all on-site or at one of our shop locations, or some combination of these.  It all depends on the specific scope of work and needs of our customers.

In the eastern US, SVI Industrial operates multiple full-service facilities, but we also provide 24/7 onsite services with our mobile repair units that can be dispatched quickly when clients have an emergency situation.

What Types of Valve and Machining Services Can SVI Industrial Provide for Chemical Plants?

Valves are a crucial part of chemical plants’ operations. At SVI Industrial, our experts are trained to ensure that your equipment always performs its best for the applications it’s designed for within your chemical plant facility. We provide various valve and machining services for the industry. We’ve done extensive jobs including removing, repairing, and re-installing +/- 100 safety relief valves and the shop rebuilding all BOP safety relief valves for a chemical plant. Whether we repair or rebuild valves in one of our facilities, or we send our on-call mobile team to your site, or provide you new valves, we are committed to providing quick, cost-effective service.

SVI Industrial has seven 53’ mobile repair facilities that are fully equipped with valve testing and machining equipment. We also have multiple portable boilers so we can perform full steam testing on-site. We can dispatch these units during planned and emergency outages to help clients minimize downtime and get equipment back up and running quickly.

What Types of Welding and Fabrication Services Can SVI Provide for Chemical Plants?

SVI Industrial is a one-stop source for chemical plants that need specialized engineering, welding, and industrial fabrication solutions. Our certified code welders and engineers consistently deliver excellent service and high-quality workmanship. At one of our shops, or onsite at your plant, we can perform all welding and fabrication services, customized to your specific needs. And, you only have to work with one contractor and one point of contact for the duration of your project. This provides convenience and reduces the risk of experiencing miscommunications that happen when various companies or contractors are working on a project.

Our industrial welding services and fabrication services offer a variety of shop and onsite welding, fabrication, and installation services. Recently, we completed a job that included designing, fabricating, and installing a jacketed piping system onsite. We also completed the shop fabrications of the following:

  • Process piping and equipment
  • Specialized jacketed process heat exchangers for fall and spring installation
  • Specialized jacketed piping system
  • Piping and QMAX CST system (shop installed CST before shipment)
  • Piping and QMAX FTS system (shop installed FTS before shipment)
  • Asphalt tank heating coils with pre-install of QMAX QFIN system

Additionally, we performed field installations of a QMAX FTS system and piping on an API tank.

SVI Industrial employs a quality control system to ensure we meet all industry standards. Our team of engineers and welders is committed to reliability, quality, and efficiency to provide our clients with the most innovative and outstanding service in the industry.

SVI Industrial Is Your Chemical Plant’s Repair and Maintenance Source

SVI Industrial offers turnkey chemical plant services that provide solutions for any maintenance or repair issues at your facility. Many services can be performed at your plant by our mobile repair and machine shops that are stocked with up-to-date portable equipment and tools.

With more than 30 years of experience, SVI Industrial is one of the country’s leading turnkey service providers for chemical plants. We have a knowledgeable team of technicians, project managers, professional engineers, machinists, and certified code welders ready and available to help maintain your daily operations as efficiently as possible.

If you need an experienced mechanical and industrial services provider for your chemical plant, contact SVI Industrial at 704-387-5192 before your next planned outage.