Power plants are a huge part of the world’s economy. Without power generation, a majority of the world would simply shut down. As a result, power plants must maintain a clean, functioning facility, as inefficient or malfunctioning equipment can significantly reduce or even halt production. A complete plant outage requiring repairs is typically very costly.

Power plant maintenance includes inspections, adjustments, repairs, and replacements, and most importantly, scheduled preventative and predictive maintenance of numerous equipment, assets, and machinery. Both conventionally fueled steam generation and nuclear-powered industrial plants need diligent and well-organized operation using maintenance management to minimize downtime and produce energy efficiently and safely. The health and safety of plant workers, the public, and the environment are also important considerations for power plant owners.

SVI Industrial is a turnkey service provider for power plants. We work with power plant owners to ensure that we understand all their maintenance and repair needs. We are committed to helping power plants maintain efficiency and reduce the cost of operations during planned and emergency outages. It’s always our goal to return power plants to full-capacity operations as quickly as possible.

SVI Industrial has multiple full-service facilities and seven mobile repair shops to provide around-the-clock services to our customers. Because we are a turnkey service provider for power plants, our customers have the advantage of getting many different services from one source. For example, SVI Dynamics, a division of SVI Industrial, manufactures engineered gas path and industrial noise control solutions for power plants.

SVI Industrial is a leading provider of valve repair and maintenance, machining, welding and fabrication, and industrial brick and tile services and solutions to our power plant customers.

What Types of Valve and Machining Services Does SVI Provide to Power Plants?

Valves are used in numerous applications within power plants, and they are crucial to efficient operations. SVI Industrial has the expertise to ensure that our power plant customers’ valves perform best for those applications. Our valve and machining services include jobs like control valves, safety relief valves, manual valves, and ASME Section 1 R-Stamp repairs. Additionally, we have performed MOV manual valve onsite repair, and Fisher control valve, Limitorque, WEIR BFV, and onsite Section 1 SRV EVT and VR Code repairs. We have provided onsite control and manual valve repairs for many power plants, up to 200+ total valves.

Another power plant job included the onsite removal, test, VR code repair, as needed, for +/- 100 Section 1 and VIII safety relief valves, followed by reinstallation. At other power plants, alongside valve repair, our machinists and code welders have been responsible for pipe fabrication and R-Stamp weld repairs, boring, drilling, and tapping a turbine valve body seat pocket to convert from a weld-in seat design to a bolt-in design; in-line gasket surface machining on eight elliptical manway openings; and the drilling out removal of 24 3 ¼” studs and line boring the valve body seat for seat replacement in a turbine trip control valve.

With SVI Industrial’s full-service machining shops and a fleet of on-call mobile facilities (available for dispatch 24/7), we are prepared to help power plant owners during planned and unplanned outages.

What Types of Welding and Fabrication Services Does SVI Provide to Power Plants?

SVI Industrial provides power plants with welding and fabrication services, including shop and onsite welding, fabrication, and installation services related to the complete spectrum of specialty services we offer.

We have performed jobs associated with welding and fabrication, including harp and duct repairs and valve repairs and replacements during a plants’ fall outage; tube samples, hydrogen piping, liner repairs, R-Stamp code repairs, and HP Economizer valve replacements during another power plant’s fall outage; and valve and code piping replacements U5/U6 for another power plant customer.

What Types of Brick and Tile Services Does SVI Provide to Power Plants?

SVI Industrial’s Brick and Tile division has engineers and craftsmen with extensive knowledge and resources to perform industrial masonry jobs quickly and efficiently. We offer power plants corrosion-resistant solutions and complete all stages of the process, from design and choosing materials through installing and maintenance.

Recently, SVI Industrial has completed many brick and tile jobs, including installing a new borosilicate lining system in the absorber duct, fabricating and installing absorber Hastelloy plate shields, and the demo and replacing of a brick and tile floor of an absorber.

SVI Industrial Is Your Power Plant’s Turnkey Service Provider

At SVI Industrial, we provide power plants with services to address numerous repair and maintenance issues. Many services are performed onsite by our fleet of mobile repair and machine shops that are supplied with the most innovative and portable equipment and tools, including mobile boilers.

If you need a turnkey services provider for your power plant, call SVI Industrial today at 704-387-5192.