A client plant needed upgrades to the existing jacketed piping system located in their solvent recovery area. These upgrades included removing existing jacketed piping, valves, instrumentation (to be reused), and insulation. SVI Industrial replaced the demolished system with new jacketed piping, valves, instrumentation (new and reused), and steam jumpers.

The existing jacketed pipe system was replaced from the storage area to the process area. The project was divided into one pre-outage and two outage phases.

Phase I – Pre-Outage

This project began with modifications and upgrades to the existing steam and condensate system to support the new jacketed piping system.

Next, SVI Industrial performed design detailing, fabrication, testing, and delivery to the site of more than fifty Jacketed Pipe Spools per the client’s specifications. Spool sizes ranged from ½” core x 1-1/2” jacket to 3” core x 4” jacket, with raised face flanged ends. Total piping footage was about 600 linear feet. SVI was also able to produce detailed design drawings based upon the existing site’s scan, and the client provided system isometrics. SVI Industrial worked with the client to use “hold spools” as necessary to allow for potential dimensional adjustments during the installation phase. These “hold spools” were partially fabricated pre-outage and completed during the outage at SVI Industrial’s Pineville shop and delivered to the site for installation.

Phase I & II- Outage

SVI Industrial demolished the existing piping. Before demolition of piping, SVI Industrial, with the assistance of a client representative, located, identified, and blocked the existing spring hangers supporting the piping system.

SVI Industrial then installed newly fabricated spools, new valves with clamp-on jackets, instrumentation, and pre-insulated steam jumpers between spools and new steam/condensate tie-in points. Existing hangers and supports were reused. After installing the new piping system, SVI Industrial unblocked the existing spring hangers with set verification by a client representative.  Pre-insulated steam jumpers were provided and installed per the required steam circuitry. The assembled system underwent inspections and testing. Site work was performed per the client’s specifications.

SVI Industrial took “as-found” dimensional measurement of several existing jacketed pipe spools at the tie-in points during Phase I. These dimensions were used to design replacement spools for shipment to the site prior to the start of Phase II.

Next, client forces insulated the new piping system per specific Specifications and installed the required removable insulation blankets.

On-site client forces performed re-termination of all instrumentation.

SVI Industrial provided start-up support to the client. This includes an on-site inspection of all process flange connections and steam to jacket connections to confirm leak tightness.

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