Absorptive Exhaust Gas Silencers for Stacks, Ducts, and Chimneys

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At SVI DYNAMICS, our in-house professional engineers design and engineer absorptive silencers specific to your project requirements for aftermarket and OEM applications. Exhaust gas silencer designs optimize pressured drop and velocities while meeting project noise criteria for a balanced approach. Absorptive silencers are commonly used in the inlet and exhaust systems for gas turbines and fans. They are commonly referred to as splitter silencers or parallel silencer baffles, and they can be installed vertically or horizontally as an effective stack, duct, or chimney silencer.

Absorptive stack silencers are very common in power and process applications but can also be incorporated into a horizontal silencer duct.

Many factors impact our custom absorptive silencer design, including:

Prime mover noise levels (noise spectrum) – sources with more low-frequency content may result in thicker silencer design, typical for some gas turbine exhaust splitter silencer designs

Cross-sectional area – silencers in a tighter cross-section may have a more open ratio to maintain pressure drop and velocities with longer silencer active length while silencers in a larger duct can be designed to be more efficient with less length in comparison.

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