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SVI Industrial, one of the largest industrial service companies in the US, is pleased to welcome Bremco, Inc., of Newport, New Hampshire, to the SVI family. For more than four decades, industrial contractor, Bremco, Inc. has specialized in conventional boiler and heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) maintainence, tube repair and replacement for its customers.

Like Bremco, Inc., SVI Industrial has been in the industrial industry for decades. In existence since the 1960s, the company has been under the same corporate structure and ownership since 1993, when it was called Southeast Valve, Inc. From that time, SVI Industrial’s growth stemmed from the development and marketing of valve remanufacturing, welding, machining, and custom fabrication.

Over the last 28 years, our outstanding customer service and comprehensive knowledge have allowed us to keep growing and expanding our industrial mechanical and valve repair and maintenance services, including engineered gas path solutions, corrosion control systems, and industrial masonry.

In addition to its expertise in industrial valve maintenance and repair, SVI Industrial is a leading manufacturer of engineered gas path and industrial noise control solutions through our SVI Dynamics division. Our industrial professionals create and engineer solutions for all industrial exhaust system and noise control needs for process and power applications. Our innovative solutions account for the thermal, aerodynamic, acoustic, and structural project goals of the plants we work with. Solutions include absorptive silencers, reactive silencers, vent silencers, combination silencers, acoustical panel systems, stacks and ductwork, field construction, and more.

 In our Brick and Tile division, our engineers and technicians have the expertise and technology in industrial masonry work to successfully provide corrosion-resistant solutions to our customers. Whether the job is big or small, our capabilities and experience prove that we can handle even the most complex industrial masonry projects. SVI Industrial designs, fabricates, installs, and maintains industrial masonry solutions that provide excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.

SVI Industrial is dedicated to providing efficient, cost-effective solutions to industrial plant sites, both in-shop and on-site. Our on-site capabilities utilize a fleet of seven mobile repair and machine shops, complete with specialized equipment and mobile tools, to mitigate the stress and price tag associated with unexpected equipment failures. In addition, there is always a team of expert engineers, technicians, machinists, and welders on-call and ready to develop and implement the best solution for the situation.

SVI Industrial is a one-stop source for a variety of specialized industrial engineering needs. It is always our goal to help lower the cost of ownership and increase our customers’ efficiency. Our quality products and engineering know-how allow us to help numerous industries, including power generation, refineries, pulp and paper, chemical, textile fiber, and other similar facilities.

As we continue to grow, with Bremco’s experience and capabilities added to ours, our combined goals remain the same. We aim to continue to provide our customers with the highest quality workmanship, on-time completion, innovative products and services, and to give our employees and their families a stable and profitable organization that will benefit them long-term.

By joining forces, SVI Industrial and Bremco, Inc. will expand our knowledge and capabilities to meet more of our customers’ industrial needs. Both SVI Industrial and Bremco, Inc. are committed to providing customers, current and new, with unparalleled expertise and value, and we are excited to see what the future holds.