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Heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) in combined cycle plants make essential contributions to power generation plants’ overall efficiency. However, being large metal structures that are exposed to broad temperature fluctuations, HRSGs must have proactive attention for consistent reliability. At SVI Industrial, we are aware of the challenges that power plants face in maintaining efficient operations. We strive to make repairs, upgrades, and replacements quickly and reliably to minimize plant downtime.

Recently Bremco joined the SVI Industrial family, which means we are now able to provide HRSG harp replacement services to our valued customers. Bremco has specialized in HRSG repairs and maintenance for nearly three decades, and they offer the quality skills and expertise that SVI Industrial customers have come to know.

HRSG Harp Replacement Services

HRSG pressure parts, including harps (or headers), have a typical lifespan of 25 to 30 years, which means that the need for replacement will likely become a need for many industrial plants at some point. Aside from age, HRSG harps may need to be replaced due to damage caused by flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC), wear and tear, operating outside of original specifications, or other unexpected damage. Any of these conditions can lead to forced outages and increased maintenance costs for the plant – and potentially, the need for a complete harp replacement.

Bremco’s experienced team has developed the art of completing harp replacements on time and cost-effectively for customers. The steps our expert technicians take to replace a header are:

  1. Open the casing, allowing access to the components affected.
  2. Cut the risers.
  3. Support the lower headers on timbers, allowing the supports suspending the harp to be removed.
  4. Cut the tubes that form the harp with an angle grinder below the header, and remove the header.
  5. Lower the new header (with stubs attached) into position and fit up.
  6. Quality control inspection.
  7. Make stub-to-tube welds and inspect.
  8. Test weld quality with dye penetrant, followed by a compressed air test.

This method has been used successfully for numerous industrial customers and can be completed for your facility when you need an HRSG harp replacement.

Additional SVI Industrial Services

With the addition of Bremco to the SVI Industrial team, we are truly a one-stop source for numerous specialized industrial mechanical and engineering needs. We help various industries, including power generation, pulp and paper, chemical, refineries, textile fiber, and similar plants. It has always been our mission to help increase efficiency and lower the cost of ownership for our customers. In addition, we are committed to providing SVI Industrial and Bremco customers with high-quality workmanship, innovative products and services, and on-time project completion. Our services include:

  • Gas path upgrades (liners, silencers, plenums, stacks)
  • Installation of penetration seals, stack dampers, and duct burners
  • HRSG piping and valve service
  • HRSG pressure part repair and replacement including P/T 91, 22, and 11
  • HRSG catalyst replacement and SCR Upgrades

If you need quality mechanical and industrial services at your industrial facility, contact SVI Industrial for help.