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When there is a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) tube leak, SVI Industrial understands how critical it is to make repairs quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively. With the addition of Bremco to the SVI Industrial family, we can now bring quality HRSG tube repair services to our customers, expanding on the already outstanding services we provide to support gas plant outage work. Bremco’s decades of experience with combined cycle plants, specifically the HRSG, means that we can offer our customers even more expertise as their turnkey mechanical plant maintenance and repair source.

HRSG Tube Repair Services

For over 25 years, Bremco has been providing HRSG tube repair services to power generation and other steam plants. Tube leaks or failures have the potential to cause emergency shutdowns for power plants, and these disruptions can be costly for plant owners. With Bremco joining the SVI Industrial family, we are able to provide our customers with combined cycle services, including header, tube, and complete panel/harp replacements, to minimize plant downtime as cost-effectively as possible.

Tube leaks can happen due to corrosion, overheating, stress, and accidents. Not only can they lead to inefficiencies in your power generation process, but they can be dangerous. Welding is often required to repair tube leaks.

HRSG tube repair requires the comprehensive knowledge of different tube to header weld designs. Our welders have experience will all tube to header configurations, including:

  • Stick-through with J bevel
  • Socket set
  • Side stick-through
  • Set on
  • Spot face set on
  • Extruder header

Due to the tight spacing of tubes found in many units, it’s essential for tube welders to be experienced with welding in a mirror. All of our tube welders are tested and skilled at mirror welding.

Getting to the HRSG tubes for repair requires knowledge of various repair methods. Our technicians are well-versed in determining the best method option for your plant, including:

  • Raising or lowering one or more panels (harps)
  • Jacking apart the panel
  • Cut in, weld out
  • Tube plugging (this method requires a high level of skill)

Tube repairs must be made according to one or more codes. We comply with applicable laws and regulations from:

  • NBIC
  • ASME
  • State and local codes

Combined Services from SVI Industrial and Bremco

With the union of SVI Industrial and Bremco, we are leveraging synergies to provide turnkey products and services that are engineered to support gas plant outage work, including:

  • Gas path upgrades (liners, silencers, plenums, stacks)
  • HRSG pressure part repair and replacement including P/T 91, 22, and 11
  • HRSG piping and valve service
  • HRSG catalyst replacement and SCR Upgrades
  • Installation of penetration seals, stack dampers, and duct burners

At SVI Industrial, our experienced team of certified welders, technicians, engineers, project managers, and machinists is ready and available to help maintain your plant’s daily operations as efficiently as possible.

If you need a highly skilled mechanical and industrial services provider for your industrial plant for emergency repair or before your next scheduled outage, contact SVI Industrial for help.