Industrial Acoustic Solutions

Panels, Enclosures, Boiler House, Shrouds, and Barriers
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SVI DYNAMICS designs and manufactures custom industrial acoustic panels for power generation and processing applications. Our acoustic panel systems include industrial acoustic enclosures of any size and acoustic barrier walls and shrouds. Acoustic panel performance can be specified by the customer in terms of Transmission Loss or STC ratings required for the project. If panel performance is undefined, SVI DYNAMICS can design a panel to meet specified noise criteria.

Industrial acoustic solutions can be supplied turnkey by SVI DYNAMICS to include:

  • Acoustical treatments for penetration and ventilation provisions like flashing and acoustic louvers
  • Structural design for site conditions
  • Integrated lighting, forced ventilation and safety systems
  • Modular construction for easy assembly and maintenance accessibility
  • Doors, windows and other accessibility options
  • Panel construction and finish options for maximum corrosion resistance

How to Control Industrial Noise

Industrial plants utilize various types of equipment that have the potential to generate high noise levels. At SVI Dynamics, we are experienced in designing, manufacturing, and installing noise control solutions, like the following:

Acoustical Louvres – These provide noise control that allows airflow in enclosures and buildings.

Acoustic Enclosures – Enclosures that are engineered acoustically for effective noise control in various types of industrial plants. An acoustic enclosure is especially effective when installed around fans, blowers, pumps, and other equipment that generates high levels of noise.

Absorptive Panels – Absorptive panels can be applied to interior or exterior walls to reduce noise being reflected from loud equipment.

Sound Barrier Walls – This solution provides an open top enclosure that blocks noise but not airflow.

SVI Dynamics has effective noise control solutions that meet regulatory requirements whether it’s noise inside a facility affecting your workforce or outside the plant affecting surrounding residential areas.

How to Reduce Industrial Noise Pollution

Industrial plants are required to minimize the noise pollution they create for neighbors in the surrounding areas, even if the plant was there first. This can mean a significant retrofit that may be challenging structurally and logistically.

At SVI Dynamics, we have a team of experts who can design a solution for your plant and any noise challenges it’s experiencing. We are a leading manufacturer of industrial noise control solutions for power and process applications. We utilize in-house engineering to design custom industrial acoustic solutions to meet your acoustic needs. Our goal is to provide our industrial clients with the best service, quality, and workmanship to keep your plant operating within regulatory noise limits.

No matter how big or small your custom industrial acoustic panel requirements are, we can help engineer a solution to meet all your project goals.