Frequency-Shifting Harmonic Silencers

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It is not uncommon for the exhaust from a large ID fan to produce a tonal noise in the far field that can be disruptive to your community.  While it may seem that a frequency-shifting silencer makes sense, at SVI Dynamics, we offer a more effective and innovative solution by custom-designing a silencer tuned to target the tonal noise.  Fans can produce a tonal noise that correlates to the blade pass frequency and the first harmonic frequency of the fan.  A tuned silencer is a silencer that we install in the exhaust gas path of your fan that will target the problem frequencies and reduce the tonal spike.  The dissipative part of the silencer also provides over broadband attenuation reducing the overall fan exhaust noise.  If additional broadband attenuation is required, we can use a tuned silencer in conjunction with an absorptive (splitter or parallel baffle) silencer.

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