Custom Gas Turbine Air Intake Systems

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Gas Turbine Air Intake System 

Whether you’re looking to solve a unique noise issue, you need to retrofit or upgrade your gas turbine filter house due to degradation, or you just need to upgrade your gas turbine air intake system to something more durable, SVI Dynamics can provide turnkey support. Additionally, SVI has experience with providing OEM solutions for silencers to meet stringent noise criteria in a small footprint. Through the use more efficient bar style silencers a significant amount of attenuation can be accomplished in the same or smaller area while maintaining reasonable pressure drop performance. Whether an aftermarket or OEM solution, SVI Dynamics can provide custom solutions to meet all of your project goals.

Like the exhaust, gas turbine air intake systems can be a significant source of noise, but maintaining a clean gas path is also critical to maintenance-free operation. Unlike a gas turbine exhaust, the inlet does not experience the thermal cycling leading to fatigue and overall longevity issues. Since the inlet is using ambient air temperatures or even cooler air if an inlet cooling device is being used, the temperatures do not fluctuate like the hot exhaust environment. Even this being the case, it’s common to see higher-grade, corrosion-resistant materials and coatings used on the intake system to protect the downstream environment (capital equipment—in this case, gas turbine).

As in the exhaust, it is common to see part of the inlet filter house or ductwork contain a row of parallel (absorptive) baffles. While using the same silencer technology the inlet silencer system design can vary from the exhaust. Thinner silencer baffle (panel) designs may be used as it is common for the inlet noise spectrum to contain more higher frequency content.

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