Gas Turbine Silencers for Industrial Turbine Exhaust Systems

Reduce your cost of ownership and maximize your system performance and longevity with innovative solutions for your gas turbine exhaust systems
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Gas turbine silencer systems are a vital part for power generation or mechanical drives in a process application. The primary goal of the exhaust system is to safely direct the turbine exhaust to atmosphere, so the systems utilize an internally lined ductwork system to meet a safe operating temperature on the outside casing plate. The temperature target is usually 140F, and SVI DYNAMICS can design the lined duct to meet any needed temperature to meet your goals.

Also important to a gas turbine exhaust system design is the aerodynamics of the gas flow and noise control. Many existing gas turbines (in the installed base) are operating with original exhaust systems that are based on designs, materials and methods from more than a decade ago. SVI DYNAMICS offers new approaches to exhaust systems to optimize system performance and maximize durability and longevity.

Gas Turbine Silencer Design

Most simple cycle exhaust systems require some sort of silencer (splitter, baffles, muffler, etc.) to meet the standard 85Dba at 3’ from the equipment, 5’ above grade. At SVI DYNAMICS, we have decades of experience with designing gas turbine exhaust silencers to guarantee acoustical results while minimizing pressure drop on the system. We also use the latest modeling technology such as CFD to analyze the aerodynamics of the complete exhaust system to keep flow distributed and maintain velocities for a durable system. Our Engineering group runs FEA analysis on the silencer system including the mounting components to ensure good structural integrity.

Gas Turbine Noise Solutions, Exhaust Systems, and Silencers (Simple Cycle Retrofits)

SVI DYNAMICS provides turnkey exhaust system support for any gas plant.  Capabilities include:

    • Exhaust system inspection to establish a preventative maintenance plan to keep the system available and safe
    • Repairs to perforated duct liners, solid liners, stack silencers, casing hot spots, expansion joints, plenums, diffusers and other components
    • Replacement of existing system components such as industrial turbine exhaust silencer systems and lined duct
    • Turnkey upgrades for exhaust systems redesigned to meet your thermal, aerodynamic and noise goals… GUARANTEED.