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At SVI Dynamics, we design and engineer industrial acoustic pipe lagging systems to accommodate many different applications and equipment when you need additional noise reduction to meet near or far field criteria at your plant. For power and process applications, acoustic lagging is commonly used for pipe lagging and on ductwork, including fan casings. It is typical to see basic lagging used to meet thermal goals, but for more sophisticated requirements, we at SVI DYNAMICS have in-house professional engineers to provide engineered solutions to meet your individual acoustic and thermal requirements. We customize industrial lagging compositions to meet your specific performance targets across the noise spectrum.

For piping that emits acoustic energy due to flow generated noise and other reasons, we have the ability to apply acoustic pipe lagging insulation in many forms depending on your project goals. For significant reductions across the spectrum or to target low-frequency noise, our compositions may include a resilient mounting system to isolate the lagging system from the pipe itself to minimize vibration transfer. The isolation system may also include an air gap between the outside of the pipe and the first layer of insulation. No matter how big or loud the pipe, we have the expertise to provide you with an innovative and custom engineered acoustic pipe lagging solution to meet all of your project goals.

Although a lot of hot ductwork is designed with internal liners, which can be effective for mitigating breakout noise, many acoustic duct lagging systems only consist of a single wall. For single wall ductwork in systems that need better transmission loss performance, an engineered acoustic duct lagging can be used. A popular application is fan casings and ducted inlet and exhausts for fan systems. We have the capability to custom design and manufacture acoustic duct lagging to offer effective solutions for all of your noise control projects.

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