Industrial Corrosion Control Solutions

SVI Industrial is the expert when it comes to corrosion resistant masonry services.

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When it comes to industrial corrosion control, whether the project is large or small, our engineers and craftsmen at SVI Industrial have the technology and expertise to meet and exceed all your needs. By utilizing our innovative corrosion resistant masonry technology, SVI Industrial has successfully provided numerous solutions to corrosion problems across a wide range of industries.

Our capabilities and experience are evidence that we can handle all phases of corrosion control solutions, from design and material selection through construction and maintenance. By working with your personnel and understanding your operation, our specialists at SVI Industrial have the capability of identifying existing problems as well as anticipating future needs.

When it comes to shut-down and maintenance time is of the essence as vessels are inspected and repairs are performed within a designated time frame. SVI Industrial is prepared and experienced to work within the time constraints that exist during a shutdown. Our comprehensive experience makes us a leader in completing industrial corrosion control repairs in an efficient, cost-effective, and safe manner.


SVI Industrial’s corrosion control solutions are used in a variety of applications including:

    • High-Density Storage Tanks
    • Process Tanks and Chests
    • Bleach Tower Linings
    • Washer Vats
    • Pits and Sumps
    • Silos
    • Foundations
    • Vessel Inserts
    • Duct and Stack Linings

If you want to see some examples of corrosion control projects on which we’ve worked, check out our blog.