Industrial Masonry Shutdown Maintenance & Inspections

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Industrial Masonry Shutdown & Maintenance

During a shutdown, time is of the essence as vessels are inspected and repairs are performed within a designated time frame.  SVI Industrial is prepared and experienced to work within the time constraints that exist during a shutdown.  Our comprehensive experience makes us a leader to completing repairs in an efficient, cost-effective, and safe manner.

U Drain After lining installation industrial maintenance

We have experienced superintendents and craftsman located across the country and our trailers are fully stocked with equipment and safety supplies, so we are able to provide a prompt response for emergency repairs to reduce downtime.

SVI Industrial has extensive experience in protection and restoration of corrosive containment environments.  Our primary objective is to protect and restore your capital investment.  


SVI Industrial offers a valuable inspection service designed to help you manage your facility’s productivity, time and finances in an effective manner.  We will meet with you at your facility to conduct a comprehensive visual and physical inspection of the existing lining system. We can perform walk in, climb, or UAV (Drone) inspections. Our UAV equipment can perform video and/or thermal imagery.

After the inspection, an extensive written report will be compiled with color photo documentation regarding the current condition of the existing lining system.  We will provide recommendations for future repairs with this report.  This helps identify and prioritize repairs that need to be performed, thereby reducing or eliminating the risk of unexpected downtime for maintenance repairs.