Manual Valve Refurbishment

SVI Industrial’s manual valve refurbishment capabilities are unlimited. Each of our skilled technicians is highly experienced with gate, globe and check valves to metal or resilient seated ball valves and from butterfly valves to sleeved and lubricated plug valves.

These services can be performed in our main facility in Charlotte, NC, our four satellite facilities in Cartersville, GA, Wilmington NC, Narrows VA, and Mt. Vernon IN, or any of our seven mobile units at our customer’s locations.

Along with our stationary valve repair, machining, and welding equipment, we also have portable equipment in our inventory. We have the ability to design and manufacture portable seat replacement machining and welding equipment which enables us to replace stellite seats not only in our shops but also at our customer’s locations. These resources, along with our very dedicated and talented crafts personnel, have not only enabled us to perform seat replacements, but also weld repair and machine backseat packing gland area, bonnets, pressure seal gasket cavity and manufacture new stems to OEM specifications.

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