Industrial Safety Relief Valve Repair

SVI industrial is your independent industrial pressure relief valve company with 5 National Board VR Certifications
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SVI Industrial offers both shop and field diagnostic and control valve repair services. By utilizing “Bench Mark” diagnostic equipment, we can input your control valve’s configuration information, run baseline tests, then provide detailed documentation that will show the valve’s performance. This information can be used to determine if your control valve needs minor instrumentation calibrations or possibly a major overhaul.

We can work independently or with your reliability engineers to establish a database of your safety relief devices throughout your plant. You can count on our experience and knowledge to establish a recommended frequency of safety valve testing and repairs of your safety valves, that meet your corporate requirements and requirements set by your state inspector and insurance auditor based on “best practices” from the National Board.

Fully Certified Safety Valve Repair

SVI Industrial holds three “VR” certificates from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Inspectors authorizing our technicians to repair, set and certify safety pressure valves inline, on our customer’s site and at any of our shop locations for both ASME Section I and VIII code stamped safety valves. Our skilled valve technicians will evaluate the condition of your safety valve, make the proper recommendations and work diligently to get your safety valves tested, repaired and set to the correct specifications and back in-line as quickly as possible in order to minimize interruption of your daily operations.

We are a turnkey service provider with the capability to service, repair or replace your welded in-line steam safety valves, including pipe prep, welding, removal and heat treating. SVI Industrial is your one-stop source for all of your industrial safety valve repair and other maintenance needs.

Why partner with us for your industrial safety relief valve repair and maintenance needs?

    •   Independent repair company
      • We have no incentive to sell parts and will never pressure you to purchase them
      • Our allegiance is with you, our customer

    • SVI’s portable steam boiler allows us to test your steam valves on steam at your plant site
    • 7 lift assist pressure relief valve testing and setting machines
      • 3 AVKs
      • 2 Hydrosets
      • 2 Accutests
    • Turnkey rigging, repair and replacement in the shop and on-site
    • Section I welded in-line steam valve replacement
      • Pipe Prep
      • Welding and removal
      • Heat treating
      • R Stamp
    • Online Database for your Repair/Test Reports Available 24/7
      • Easily searchable reports by PO, Valve ID, Date…etc
      • Quick Historical Data Retrieval
      • Complete and Accurate Traceability and Security
      • Simply click “Customer Login” at the bottom of our homepage


Our safety relief valve repair process:

  • Every safety valve receives a thorough, part-by-part inspection
  • Replacement parts, when required, are always to OEM specification
  • Critical parts subject to wear are carefully measured to verify dimensional tolerances

SVI Industrial is proud to hold National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspector’s VR Stamps 27, 56 and 173 extending to both shop and field including machining and NDE for Air, Liquid and Steam Service.