Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems for Gas Turbines

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SCR Systems for Gas Turbines

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems have been utilized in various fossil fuel-fired combustion applications for decades as a means to control harmful emission levels. As gas combusts in turbines in combined cycle or simple cycle plants, nitrogen oxide (NOx) is formed—this can create intense environmental health hazards, including smog and acid rain. SVI Dynamics excels at the design and installation of customized SCR equipment that will dramatically reduce the harmful emissions of your gas turbines.

How does SCR NOx Reduction Work?

Within the SCR equipment, an ammonia-based reagent is injected into the post-combustion flue gas which causes a specific type of reaction, known as a reduction, with the nitrogen oxide. In the presence of a catalyst like vanadium or tungsten oxide, this reduction is possible at much lower temperatures than selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR). This improves the NOx reducing capabilities as a result. The byproduct of this chemical reduction is harmless nitrogen and water vapor.

The primary components of a typical selective catalytic reduction system include the aqueous ammonia storage and forwarding system, vaporization and dilution air equipment, the ammonia injection grid (AIG) and the SCR and CO catalysts installed in a custom-designed reactor housing. SCR gas turbines can usually be retrofitted into existing power plant systems or used in the initial construction to optimize the efficiency, reliability, and performance of your system, and they will meet rigorous energy standards. The team of engineers at SVI Dynamics has extensive experience building site-specific SCR systems for power plants and petrochemical processing sites across the country. By utilizing the deep wealth of knowledge and resources of our team, we can deliver the best performing SCR equipment in the industry.

SVI Dynamic’s team designed our selective catalytic reduction systems to improve the safety and efficiency of your company while reducing your impact on the environment. Please contact us today with any questions about our SCR systems or to learn about our SCR system services.

SCR Systems by SVI Dynamics

SVI Dynamics focuses on helping energy producers maximize plant performance and environmental compliance through innovative carbon monoxide (CO) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalyst systems for gas turbine, boiler, and smaller-scale reciprocating engine generator plants.

SCR is the predominant technology in nitrogen oxides (NOx) reduction in the power industry, with flue gas stream NOx reduction up to >90%. SVI Dynamics has the experience with all of the details that must be considered when planning new SCR installations or retrofits to existing generation assets.

SVI Dynamics offers creative engineered solutions for SCR systems for a diverse range of generation assets and fuel sources. Each project begins with a complete assessment using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) followed by custom design of:

  • Catalyst Selection
  • Ductwork
  • SCR Reactor
  • Support Steel
  • Piping
  • Stacks
  • Ammonia or Urea Systems (Storage, Forwarding and Vaporization)
  • Ammonia Injection Grid (AIG)
  • Full Performance Guarantees

Each complete system is fully guaranteed.