Selective Catalytic Reduction Services

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SCR Services

Many of today’s existing SCR systems have been in operation for years. Through practical hands-on experience, SVI Dynamics offers a complete array of SCR optimization services to evaluate and improve the operation of existing SCR systems.

SVI Dynamics has in-depth experience in the design, supply and optimization of SCR systems for both combined cycle (CC) and simple cycle (SC) power generation assets. SVI Dynamics has a unique skillset because of its experience with all major HRSG, gas turbine, and SCR manufacturers.

Onsite SCR Services

  • SCR Inspections
  • NH3/NOx distribution Testing
  • AIG Tuning
  • Ammonia System Inspections
  • Temperature/Velocity Distribution Testing
  • Stack Testing
  • CO/SCR Catalyst and AIG Cleaning
  • Catalyst Replacement
  • SCR Construction Management
  • Training

Engineering Analysis

SVI Dynamics provides in-depth evaluation of existing CO and SCR systems including the following:

  • CO/SCR Catalyst Testing and Management
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling
  • Operating Data Analysis
  • Ammonia System Evaluation
  • Structural Analysis
  • Equipment Redesign/Upgrades
  • Equipment Specification Development

Commissioning & Installation

SVI Dynamics is a full turnkey provider from assessment through design, installation, and the commissioning of air pollution control systems.  SVI Dynamics has in-house labor as well as a network of union and non-union labor throughout the US and Canada.  Our seasoned construction management teams are well-versed in SCR equipment installations and upgrades.