Field Machining Services

SVI Industrial has one of the largest fleet of field machining equipment.
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Much of the equipment present in plant sites cannot be removed and transported for repair. SVI Industrial’s field machining services ensures that these critical components are repaired or replaced efficiently while cost-effectively meeting the appropriate industry standard. In addition to our mobile machine shops, our extensive fleet of portable equipment allows us to perform a variety of on-site machining services that include:

Field Machining Servicess Near You

SVI Industrial has provided field machining services on-site for plants in:

    • Mount Vernon, Indiana – inline heat exchange tube sheet machining
    • Plymouth, North Carolina – inline condenser flange machining
    • Charleston, South Carolina – inline digester head machining
    • Carolton, Georgia – heavy wall pipe and elbow mold prep, gamma plug installation, core and boat sample
    • Brazos, Texas and Aquasco, Maryland – inline turbine control valve machining

 There are many capabilities of a field machining company like SVI Industrial can provide on-site, including:

    • Flange facing
    • Drilling and tapping
    • Pipe cutting and beveling
    • Hole and line boring
    • Valve seat grinding, lapping, machining, and replacement
    • Reverse engineering and manufacturing of parts with long lead times or obsolete manufacturers
    • Resurfacing gasket landings
    • Honing
    • Stud removal and threading
    • Heat exchanger machining
    • Turbine valve machining and repairs
    • Core sample drilling

Our unique ability to combine our welding expertise with our cutting-edge field machining services and utilize them to complement our full range of capabilities in our shop and on your site enables us to be a turnkey provider for your plant repair and maintenance needs. As a field machining company, our goal is to provide you with reliable services from the start of your project to the end and ultimately increase the efficiency and reliability of your plant equipment and lower your cost of operations by reducing your downtime.