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The equipment used for the operation of power, pulp and paper, and chemical plants cannot always be removed and taken offsite for repair. That’s not only due to the downtime that would cause, but also because some equipment is simply too large and heavy to transport. SVI Industrial created its field machining division to resolve that problem. Our mobile machining units ensure that your plant’s critical components are reconditioned or replaced efficiently onsite, making it cost-effective and reducing downtime. One of the repair services we provide onsite is portable line boring.

Line boring, in the case of valve remanufacturing, is a field machining procedure used to repair or replace a valve seat true and concentric to the valve bore. Conversely, the valve bore can be repaired to be true and concentric to the valve seat. When critical valve seats are damaged or cracked, they may require line boring services to return them to proper operating standards. SVI has field machinists with decades of on-site line boring experience and exceptional field equipment. Whether you need line boring services to remove a valve seat for reconditioning or replacement or resurface a bearing housing, we can complete the task right at your facility.

On-Site Line Boring and Bore Welding Services

Line boring is frequently the only permanent way to return bores to their stock specifications. We offer on-site line boring services that are completely mobile and self-sufficient. When we come to you for valve repair or replacement, you save on transport costs and minimize downtime.

Bore welding is another key tool that returns bores to stock specifications. When bores are worn or damaged in such a way that they are too large, our certified and qualified welders can create a weld overlay, or build-up, to return bores to their original smaller size.

SVI Industrial’s Services Include:

  • 24/7 on-call emergency service
  • Onsite and offsite line boring and welding services
  • Seven self-sufficient fully stocked mobile repair units
  • High-quality, advanced mobile tools and equipment
  • Single source company and point of contact for your project – start to finish

SVI Industrial’s Line Boring Services Are Always Available

SVI Industrial has seven mobile units that can be deployed around the clock and a team of valve repair technicians, welders, and machinists who are on-call and ready to mobilize 24/7. Each mobile shop is fully stocked, so our talented machinists have everything they need to provide you with high-quality line boring services. That allows your plant to continue to operate at high efficiency and production by minimizing the downtime of your lines.

You can depend on SVI Industrial to deliver unparalleled expertise every time, for every project and outage, unplanned or planned. We are here to help, anytime, anywhere you need it. With seven mobile machine shops and portable line boring equipment available 24/7 support, and on-call services, SVI will meet your industrial onsite maintenance and repair needs where and when you need us.

You don’t have to look any further than SVI Industrial to increase the safety and efficiency of your plant while simultaneously lowering your cost of ownership. Contact SVI Industrial for line boring help today.