Custom Industrial Steam Vent Silencers

SVI Dynamics is your source for innovative custom engineered steam silencers and industrial noise control solutions.
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At SVI DYNAMICS, we design, engineer, and fabricate steam silencers to meet each of our client’s individual project goals. Each of our steam silencer designs aims to attenuate the noise generated by the expansion of gas or steam from elevated pressures to atmospheric pressure. Pressurized steam or gas leaving a pipe can result in turbulent flow at high velocities. Untreated, this flow creates a very objectionable and potentially unsafe noise level. A vent silencer diffuses the turbulent flow, in some cases reduces the velocities, and may use absorptive internals to meet specified noise criteria. Venting pressurized gas or steam to the atmosphere is typical in various applications including:

  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators/Boilers
  • Oil & Gas Processing
  • Chemical Processing
  • Various General Industrial Processes

A steam vent silencer can be used where high pressure is being released for system start-up, purging or blow down and are found downstream of a safety relief or vent valve.

At SVI DYNAMICS, we support vent silencers for aftermarket retrofits or for new equipment that has silencing requirements.