Industrial On-Site Services

With 5 locations throughout the US, a 24/7 on call team and 7 fully equipped mobile units, we are always available when you need us day or night!
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On-Site Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services

With the constant change in technology and ever-growing demands of plant productivity, it is more vital than ever to routinely service your equipment to ensure the safety of your personnel, ensure the reliability of your assets and achieve maximum efficiency, which will, in turn, reduce your cost of ownership.

Our team of project managers and professional engineers will work with you to plan and coordinate your on-site projects. Because we offer a full range of industrial on-site services, you can save time and money by eliminating the need to coordinate with multiple contractors and rest assured in knowing your project will be completed correctly, on time, safely, and within budget, while meeting all industry standards.

Unplanned Equipment Failure and Outages

SVI Industrial also understands the cost and stress of unexpected equipment failure and the risk it imposes on you and your employees. We are always available and ready to mobilize with our 24/7 crew and fully equipped mobile units to deliver unparalleled expertise to your plant site while always keeping safety and minimum lost time as our number one goal. SVI Industrial has the expertise and resources to handle emergency repairs no one else is willing or equipped to handle.

Our Industrial On-Site Capabilities

SVI Industrial offers an extensive fleet of mobile repair and machine shops and state-of-the-art mobile tools and equipment. Our 24/7 on-call team of skilled technicians, engineers, certified welders and specialty machinists are ready to tackle any on-site industrial services you may require. Our team works closely with your engineering, operations, and maintenance personnel by utilizing innovative approaches to develop and customize the most advantageous plan to minimize downtime and keep your assets performing at optimum levels. We have the resources to handle virtually any task no matter the size, and we are committed to delivering the highest quality workmanship and successfully completing the most daunting and complex of projects safely and on schedule at your plant.

Our Commitment to Safety

While credentials, capabilities, and craftsmanship are key elements to choosing an industrial maintenance company, we know safety is paramount to you. At SVI Industrial, we take safety seriously. Each of our supervisors and foremen have received at least 30 hours of OSHA training. In addition, each technician, welder, and machinist have received at least 10 hours of OSHA training. With an EMR rating of 0.89, you know that SVI Industrial can be trusted to perform safely at on your plant site.

Your operations can benefit greatly from the many industrial on-site services we offer:

        • Valve testing, repair and installation.
        • Field Machining.
        • Piping and heat exchanger installation and repair.
        • Tank repairs and installation.
        • Valve management services.
        • Code and non-code welding services.
        • Equipment removal and re-installation.
        • Exhaust stack liner repair and replacement.
        • Replacement of stack and vent silencers.
        • Tile-lined tank and vessel repairs.
        • Brick and tile tank floor lining installation.
        • Acoustic and thermal field surveys and engineering analysis.

Why choose SVI Industrial?

• SVI Industrial can do it all – Control, Manual, Safety, Welding, Machining, Testing, Reporting, Tank Lining and Acoustical Engineering On-site and off
• One Purchase Order = less paperwork
• One Point of Contact = better communication and control
• One Company to coordinate with for on-site training
• More Value for your money

SVI Industrial is always there. Any time. Anywhere.

With 6 locations offering 24/7 on-call service, nationwide, we are here to meet all of your industrial on-site repair and maintenance needs when and where you need us.